Really, these are my personal thoughts about season 4, based solely upon my observations of season 3. As Doc might say, I “may be pulling [these thoughts] out of my ass.” In fact, if they prove too embarrassing following the season 4 premiere, I may just dump them.

Thoughts on Z Nation
-- by 10K_fever

Yes, I think about more than just getting poor 10K into trouble, although that’s still very high on my list.

Lately, I’ve been contemplating season 4. My biggest hope is that the group doesn’t end up in Zona. Turning the season into a battle between evil billionaires and good “normal” folk is similar to movie franchises that are reduced to pitting the heroes against big-business gluttons. I hope Z Nation can avoid this pitfall.

After all, No Mercy (the 2-hr flashback episode that started season 3), showed Doctor Teller touch his dying wife, who is covered in the “virulent fungus” that stops the ZN1 virus but has horrific side effects: It turns the victim into a walking, thinking mass of fungi. Teller not only touched her, but he kissed her, which means he should be covered in spores. The moment he reached Zona, he was a living time bomb.

Since the show’s creators/writers are quite adept, I hope they realize this, While they have a knack for pulling proverbial rabbits out of hats (even if on occasion they stretch our suspension of disbelief to the point of incredulity), I hope they realize all those billionaires on Zona signed their death warrants when Doctor Teller landed.

Taking Warren and Co. to Zona would be, in my opinion, a huge mistake. They need to stay in the environment the series created for them. Give us a new foe, maybe even Zona-like, but based on the continent and not on a tropical island far out in the Pacific. And please don’t assume that just because someone is rich doesn’t necessarily make him or her evil.

Probably not worth 2-cents. But wait…there’s more

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