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The season 3 finale was certainly a hurried affair. Apparently, there was so much stuff to tie up in that episode or foreshadow for season 4 (the result, perhaps, of a hasty renewal by SciFi), the writers had little time for the rich character relationships that typify an episode. For me, the subplot with Grandpa was the highlight of the episode. Really, Doc is just going to stand there after being reunited with an obviously sick/injured 10K and appear to worry only about his handcuffs? I see a lot of missing scenes in fandom!

And talk about continuity errors: 5K was clearly gutted at the end of No Mercy, and he really didn’t have much significance to the finale. Why take the trouble to bring him back except to…but wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Several characters apparently die at the end of season 3:

Addy: She’s evolved and grown into a wonderful character throughout the seasons, but sadly, she may have outlived her usefulness. Her relationship with Mack was poignant in a time when attachments were hazardous to survival. After Mack’s death, she became the voice of “humanity” and Warren’s confidant. With the introduction of Sun Mei, maybe it’s time to let Addy go. I’d like her to survive, but if it’s time for her to go, I’ll understand.

The Man: I’d really like it if he survived. Traveling with Lucy, he grew and changed into a more caring human being. I think he would be a great addition to the group, because he has the most to learn about being human. However, since he reverted immediately to his bad, old self when Murphy shot him, I suspect his storyline may be finished. Still, I have hope.

Lucy: Murphy is a key component to the show. If he doesn’t survive being shot by The Man, I hope it was the actor, rather than the writers, who needed a change. Lucy is an interesting character, but she lacks the dynamics of Murphy, who is so complex a character that the viewer never quite knows what he’s going to do next. For example, did he bite 10K on the submarine because he wanted to save him, or was it to get a particularly nasty revenge on him for killing Cassandra? Murphy is devious with flashes of compassion, but no one can be certain of his real motives. Lucy could add a little teenaged angst, but I think she’d be a very poor substitute for Murphy. For me, the loss of Murphy would be a death knell for the series.

Citizen Z, missing at the end of season 3: I think he’s too essential to the show to be dropped by the writers. He’s the human in all of us.

5K: Sorry, I don’t think 10K is ready for fatherhood. This character serves no useful purpose to me.

As for the survivors:

Sun Mei, the new character introduced in season 3: She’s a doctor, apparently without any practical experience with zombies, kind of the opposite to warrior Addy, but still a voice of reason and practicality. Watching her evolve could be fascinating.

Doc: Frankly, I believe the growing relationship between Doc and 10K is the most interesting arc of the entire show. While somewhat stereotypical the way he was first written, he’s evolved into a complex character who was willing to abandon the mission (and the rest of the group) to go in search of a lost 10K. On his own, the character has been used mostly as comic relief, but there’s so much more to Doc to explore. Definitely a keeper.

10K (and Red): If the plan is to make this duo the new “romantic interest”, then I predict rioting from female fans and a burgeoning of AU stories, as if there aren’t enough of them out there already. 10K, for me, is the most interesting evolution of all the characters. He’s a young man trained to survive in a world gone crazy. He trusts no one, and finds his greatest happiness in killing Zs. His lack of expression and dialogue may have been partly the product of a stage actor learning to respond to the world of television, but the side effect of the actor’s journey became a character’s most interesting traits. 10K changes through the seasons, becoming more comfortable with the group, more complex, and more “normal”, which seems to bother him at times as the “boy” matures into manhood. Personally, I’d prefer it if Red had gone over the cliff with 5K. Just sayin’….

As for Warren, shot at the end of season 3: For me, she’s the glue and the strength that holds it all together. Even if the actor isn’t at home in the woods, Warren needs to stay…although there could be some very interesting plot complications if she dies. Again, just sayin’….

Hector, alive(?) and kicking. Was the vaccine Mei gave him the same one she gave 10K, and what effect will it have on Hector since he didn’t get the important step of a bite from Murphy? All we can do is stay tuned.

Again, only my 2-cents. I may continue this monologue after the season 4 premiere to either applaud or vent, or I may delete it out of sheer embarrassment. The writers have an amazing knack for surprising the fans with delightful twists and storylines, and I hope they continue to do so.

The End…for now

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