The Sentinel Fanfiction by Mackie

The series concept and characters belong to their creators, studio, and network. These stories are for the enjoyment of the fans, and no money is being made from them. The Sentinel was my first big foray into fanfiction, way back 1998.

Two West to Waikiki
Aloha, Cascade
Bad Things
The Beanie Bandito
Close Calls
Consumed By the Fire
Conversations (2 parts)
Destinies Entwined (2 parts)
Evolution (2 parts)
Explosive Consequences
Unexpected Fluff
For Sale: One Slightly (Mis)Used Anthropologist...
Momentary Glitch
High Rise
Kissing Ms. Hargrove
Layers of Dark and Light
Firestorm (in 2 parts)
Recovery (in 4 parts)
Remote Control
Epilog: The Rig
Of Shadows and Demons (2 parts)
Somedays Are Better Than Others
Splinters (2 parts)
Toad-al Response
Touch Therapy
Episodes of Synchronicity
Interlude: White Zone

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