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21 May 2017: Uploaded the rest of my Sentinel fic, still down and dirty. Some links and things may not work. Sorry, Wanda, Two West to Waikiki still needs major editing.
20 May 2017: Uploaded a boatload of Sentinel fic, down and dirty. Some things may not work. Note: Two West to Waikiki needs major editing. I hate godaddy. I'll work on it!
17 May 2017: Uploaded Z Nation, 10K Fever, by 10K_fever. (Yeah, I know, that sounds weird)
05 May 2017: Uploaded Z Nation, Never Get Off the Boat, by 10K_fever. Also learned the original Idol Pursuits is archived at another site. Sorry, don't have the URL handy, but I'll find it. Many fic are missing their parts 2 or 3, so I'll focus on getting them archived here.
30 April 2017: Uploaded three more Z Nation fics - Thoughts on Z Nation, More Thoughts, and Siege. Still having trouble with images and some links.
03 May 2017: Updated Main Index, link to Sentinel active. Uploaded Sentinel Index and archived 2 fic.
28 April 2017: Re-uploaded this Main Index. Uploaded Z Nation Index. Uploaded 2 Z Nation fic.
25 April 2017: Re-uploaded this Main Index Page. Still no links.

24 April 2017: Uploaded this Main Index Page. No links are active.

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